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Our services

Our company offers many different types of bonds that you can choose from. Depending on what is your situation you can find a selection of commercial surety bonds, Court surety bonds, and Fidelity bonds. Each of these surety bonds has additional types from which you can also choose from.

Insurance services

Our team of highly skilled workers will try and do everything in their power to suit the needs of each client with the best insurance solutions. The job of our insurance department is also to guide and assist every single client in the process of ensuring the competitive conditions with the best insurance agent.

Additional Services

We are focusing on trying to making clients satisfied and happy. To be able to achieve that we are providing even more additional services that will meet every client needs. We have a very responsive service and more importantly, we provide a personalized attention to each client. We specialize in license and permit bonds for contractors along with mortgage surety bonds.

About us

We are a type of an insurance company that specializes in underwriting legal bond contracts. Our company is best known for the court bonds we offer. We provide very innovative solutions to your problems.  Our head office is located in Fresno, California, if something about our services isn’t clear to you or you have any questions feel free to call and ask us.

What our customers say

Gerald Burns

I would highly recommend to anyone that is in need of bonds. This company has everything that you need. All the representatives are very friendly and patient, but more importantly, they work extremally fast. I have used this company for every bond that I have, they were definitely one of the better choices in my life.

Albert Shaw

I must say that I was amazed how simple and quick it was. I’m sure that I will be using their services in the future. Throughout the time that I was working with them, I had only great experience, I would never change to any other company. They really have high-quality services and they are very affordable.

Benjamin Tucker

They helped me out when I needed it the most. They provided an extremally fast service, I got the copies of the original bonds in less than 2 days. The agents that are working here are very patient and they all are highly qualified. I’m very satisfied with them.

Important Advices

The first and maybe the most important advice that we can give to any client is that you need to do a thorough research before you choose an insurance company. This is something that you don’t want to rush, take your time and pick the best for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. When you are working with an insurance company like us it is normal that you don’t understand certain things. That’s why we are here to advise you and explain ever detail before you sign a contract. You don’t want to have surprises along the way.

Know what are you doing. Simple as that, if you don’t know what surety bond you need to take then maybe inform yourself first before rushing into it. You need to know the consequences that are part of signing a bond. Once you learn the basics like what is a license or a permit bond you will be ready.

How do Bonds Work?

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