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How Safe are Bonds?

If you are planning to invest in a bond, you are probably asking yourself is it a safe investment. Well, bonds are known to be a safe investment portfolio, but in reality, investing in bonds can lead to some surprises. If you want to learn more about how safe bonds actually are, then we highly suggest that you read through this article.   What Types of Bonds Should You Avoid? While there are many bonds that are considered safe, there are also some bonds are better to avoid. If you are an investor you should be focusing on some...

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How do Bonds Work?

The majority of people would not be able to afford expensive things such as a home, education or a car without taking a loan. Just like people, businesses also need to borrow money that will help them grow and succeed. They use that money on many things like to grow, move into the new market, or to found some operations. Usually these things cost a lot of money and unfortunately, banks cannot provide such amount of money for a single business. At that point, businesses turn to their last option and that is to issue bonds. Bonds are nothing...

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